A truly wonderful children's picture book to be treasured by families everywhere for generations to come.

A Fine Kettle of Fish

is the result of the collaborative efforts of Pete Umoff and Craig Tyler, long time friends and surfing buddies.  The book came to be through a series of serendipitous events which started with Craig's taking a leave from his very successful career as a commercial illustrator to sail around the world, followed by his creation, on his return, of an illustration (which would ultimately become the cover illustration for “A Fine Kettle of Fish”) for inclusion in his portfolio as he resumed his career where he had left off.  By chance he showed the illustration to Pete.  The illustration immediately reminded Pete of his mother, Ellen Umoff, who was a great one for language and one of whose favorite sayings was, “Now that's a fine kettle of fish.”  Pete suggested to Craig that the two of them produce a children's picture book using Craig's illustration under the title of “A Fine Kettle of Fish” and the rest, as they say, is history.

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About the Publisher

Stairway Publishing has recently released it's fine children's picture book entitled, coincidentally, “A Fine Kettle Of Fish”. Written by attorney Pete Umoff, “ A Fine Kettle Of Fish” is an old-fashioned story of adventure, courage and friendship presented in a manner that will engage toddlers and early readers and their parents and grandparents and bring to them the enduring lessons of family, teamwork,, compassion and selflessness reminiscent of earlier times. The illustrations by Craig Tyler literally pull the reader into the action with their expressive warmth and sumptuous colors and make for an exciting interactive reading experience to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. CONT'D


A Fine Kettle Of Fish is now available online at Amazon.com. To find this book at your local bookshop or specialty store, please visit our Links page for a list of current retailers. For additional information please contact Catherine Perlman:

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